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Страничка с текстом

marcus pennen unterlagen - Новые картинки

My job

In case you didn't know, I am one of the four founders of this mobile internet site. We started to think about providing a mobile site building toolkit and thus let everyone participate in the upcoming new WAP world back in 1999 when we were students at Dortmund University. Then, in 2000, we created WAPmatic as the world's first mobile site building toolkit. Note that today this is called WAP 2.0 ...

I now work as Chief Operating Officer at Peperoni. This means that I am responsible for the further development of the company's business or in other words for marketing and sales, but also to ensure the smooth daily operation of all services we provide. We work with operators directly but also provide this operator-independent so-called off-portal site.

My job is very time-consuming and therefore I am very happy that we have expanded our team recently to cater for the huge attention peperonity is getting now. I share an office with our CEO Maciej, our communications designer Anna and our Junior Marketing Manager Sandra who has also got an own site (see the links section).

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